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Our company philosophy

  • a human-sized family company
  • focused on quality and innovation (our control and R&D lab weight 20% of our headcount)


Our values, our guide to the everyday life :

  • customer listening
  • quality
  • reliability
  • ability to react
  • flexibility
  • innovation
  • environment care

If youwant to get further information about us or get in touch with us, please contact us at the 33 3 62 53 03 71 or email us directly


Since 1907, Haghebaert & Fremaux has been specialized in manufacturing high quality coatings and paints, intending to satisfy a wide range of professionnals in various fields.

Haghebaert & Fremaux proposes a complete range of successful and innovative products, both in waterborne and solvent borne formulas.



  • Any corrosion protective coating systems for humid, corrosive and chemical atmospheres,
  • Specialty coatings for metals (galvanized steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals),
  • Tinted primers and topcoats (polyurethan, epoxy, etc.),
  • Metalized, hammered, textured, leatherlike finishes,
  • Protective and decorative varnishes,
  • High temperature paints, up to 750°C, both in waterborne & solvent borne phases,
  • Peelable varnish : temporary protection of steels – red, white, transparent –spray or manual application.



  • Front house paints Pliolite®, matt acrylic, semi-gloss acrylic, plastered,
  • Walls and ceilings decorative paints primers, and topcoats, matt, semi-gloss and high gloss finishes,
  • Treatment and protection of indoor and outdoor woodwork. Microporous paints, glazing and varnish,
  • Roof and panels paints,
  • Industrial high resistance floor paints, single or two components, both in water and solvent phases,
  • Marking paints for car-parks, sport playgrounds...,
  • Food grade (acrylic & epoxy) paints,
  • Fungicide and insecticide paints.


The requirement of the quality is an integral part of Haghebaert & Frémaux which is ISO 9001:2008 certified.